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My interest in photography goes back almost fifty years, and many of the images in these galleries were made in my student days.  I would wander for hours at a time in pursuit of pictures.  I never had any particular "scene" in mind: I liked to wait and see what was lying round the next corner.  Invariably I worked in black and white.

Of course, those were pre-digital days, and the images were made using camera film.  My cameras were 35mm single lens reflexes, and I worked with Kodak Safety Film 5063, which was sold as Tri-X.  A firm favourite with photographers shooting black and white pictures, Tri-X was wonderfully versatile, sensitive enough to allow decent images to be captured in less than ideal light conditions.

Tri-X had to be developed chemically, and the negatives this process produced then had to be printed in a darkroom.  But these traditional methods have disappeared, and, in order to preserve the images I created all those years ago, I have now digitised them with the help of scanning technology.

Even though I am still drawn to the special qualities of black and white images, I have now happily adjusted to the use of colour.  It is a very different discipline, not least because the aesthetics of colour and black and white are not the same.  But I can safely say that the transition has been endlessly fascinating!

William Ellis-Rees

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